Custom Epoxy Flooring Experts

When it comes to custom epoxy flooring options today, you have a lot of choices. There are inexpensive do it yourself kits, as well as a variety of contractors (some good and some bad) that offer epoxy floor installations. The important things to look for when choosing what path to take for your custom epoxy flooring are:

custom epoxy garage floor

  1. How long will the installation last?
  2. How detailed and difficult will the installation be?
  3. What time frame will it take for the installation?
  4. Professionalism of the contractor responsible for the install.
  5. Am I paying a fair price for what I am getting?




To start, inexpensive do it yourself kits are notorious for proving limited coverage and an epoxy surface coating that lasts a limited number of years. In general, its best to go with a custom epoxy flooring professional whose expertise with the process and use of higher grade materials, will always provide an epoxy flooring solution that looks better and lasts longer. Please consider Pebble Floors & More for your next custom epoxy flooring project. We strive to be a cut above the rest! When we are on the job you can expect for your floor to be installed with the greatest attention to detail. No short cuts are ever taken that could lessen the beauty or longevity of your new custom epoxy flooring.

custom garage floor

  1. Diamond Grinding concrete preparation instead of the inferior Acid Etching Method
  2. Only the highest quality commercial materials used
  3. Thresholds finished with a custom “Saw Joint” for a cleaner install
  4. All saw joints and concrete joints filled with specialized joint sealer
  5. Always a professional job where workers maintain a clean job site
  6. Client satisfaction is the main priority